Charles Cresson Wood’s

Crisis Resolution & Personal Coaching Services


• Overwhelmed by a big new development in your life?

• Having difficulty extricating yourself from an on-going conflict?

• Afraid that you cannot rise to meet a big challenge you now face?

• Feeling internally torn and unable to make an important decision?

• Depressed about feeling emotionally stuck or stagnating in your life?


If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your life does not lie. Your life is reflecting back to you the fact that you need to do some personal work in this particular area. The pain, the difficulty, the trouble, the issues -- all that is pointing your attention in a certain direction.


Rather than being something to be denied, explained away, or distracted from, it is in this area that your biggest payoff can be found. It is in this area that you can now take a big step forward in your own personal growth. So rather than turning away from it, the invitation of life is to go into this place, to learn from it, and to transform your consciousness so that you can reach a place of inner alignment. This in turn will allow you to overcome the dilemma, to extricate yourself from the conflict, to find a place within where you have clarity of intention, and/or to become emotionally fluid and moving again.


- Proclamation of Socrates above the temple entrance,
a door through which all who seek Divine guidance from the Oracle at Delphi must pass

Each of us is way more powerful, way more competent, and way more able to affect the course of events in our lives than we consciously acknowledge. We are all temporarily locked into a vicious circle of disempowering thoughts and feelings, and thus constantly hypnotizing ourselves into believing that we are not able to rise to meet, and successfully handle, any challenge that presents itself to us. We need to illuminate those disempowering thoughts and feelings, we need to objectively reality-test them, and we need to then choose a different and better way to handle the crisis or serious problem in which we are now engulfed. When we change ourselves and our attitudes, the situation around us will naturally change as well.


But how exactly do we go about doing this work? Fortunately, there is a specific technology, a mapped-out path, a well-defined powerful process that we can follow. This process is called the Pathwork ™ and Charles Cresson Wood has distilled some of the critical steps in this Pathwork ™ process in his two books, respectively entitled “Rapid Crisis Resolution,” and “Opening to Abundance.” Both books are briefly described on separate pages of this site. Charles also provides personal coaching services for those wishing to have a faithful mirror and encouraging mentor, someone who walks with them as they do this important work.