Another Important Book By Charles Cresson Wood

Opening To Abundance provides an intensive one-month-long self-directed course in shifting the reader’s relationship with abundance. It addresses abundance in all forms, not just money, but also personal relationships, personal health, personal confidence, personal satisfaction, progress with life goals, spiritual development, etc. The reader is stepped through a tightly-scripted series of chapters, each with an inspirational quote, a thought for the day, an illustrative personal story, and suggested written exercises. Each chapter keeps challenging the reader’s preconceived notions of limitation and lack, inviting the reader to adopt another more-empowered perspective. If you want to markedly improve your experience of abundance, reading and working with this book is an excellent use of your time. 


Title: Opening To Abundance
Author: Charles Cresson Wood
Publisher: Pathwork Press (2004)
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Available Formats: paperback and Kindle e-book
ISBN-13: 978-0961477790


“I have started to read your book [Opening To Abundance] and am on day [chapter] 6; the effect is already more than I could ever imagine. I have engaged in serious spiritual work for the last 10+ years... I recently purchased your book on the theme of abundance, and finding abundance within myself is very central to my quest... your five questions a day [approach] is having an effect on my vision of life which is deep.”
— B.L., business strategy consultant