Important New Book By Charles Cresson Wood

What’s Your Crisis?


Divorce, end of a love affair, death of a loved one, bankruptcy, imprisonment, becoming a crime victim, a serious personal injury or illness, loss of a job, retirement, unplanned pregnancy, natural disaster, moving away from a long-time home, immigration, military combat, betrayal by close friend …

Crisis is life’s way of letting us know that a change must now take place. As much as we may resent and resist it, every crisis means an adjustment, a rebalancing, and a new way to proceed forward. Crisis breaks down old structures, old ways of thinking, and old ways of relating. It shakes loose unmoving and frozen places, so that growth and evolution can proceed, and so that a new balance point can be established. In every personal crisis, part of our psyche resists and obstructs the change that must now take place. To the extent that we can make that part of our psyche conscious, we can challenge it, and determine whether it is consistent with the truth of the situation. To the extent that we become clear about what it is in us that is actually blocking the change that must now happen, and we are able to reality-check and transform those places, to that same extent will we be able proceed in truth, in balance, and in confidence. All sorts of new and unimagined possibilities show up as a result of our ability to get out of the way of this powerful transformative process.

The single most important factor determining how people experience a crisis is their attitude, their viewpoint, their belief in their power to turn things around. Using a compassionate and scripted process that brings together the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical domains, his book provides a method for vastly enhancing this critical factor. Attorney, author, management consultant, and personal coach, Charles Cresson Wood has mapped the process out so that readers can focus on what will empower them to make necessary changes.

Title: Rapid Crisis Resolution
Author: Charles Cresson Wood
Publisher: InfoSecurity Infrastructure, Inc. (2017)
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Available Formats: paperback and Kindle e-book
ISBN-13: 978-0979991448

“I felt stuck, and working with the RCR book, I made two major decisions to move toward “wholeness” in my life. By major, I mean decisions that I have not had the consciousness and courage to take on for nearly 30 years. So I am feeling a lot of gratitude for having identified the areas that needed work, thanks to your extraordinary book. I will probably read it several times — but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having written this.”
– B.L., government analyst